• Assignment name

    Construction supervision, role of FIDIC engineer for the Project in Zvolenska Teplarenska a.s., Zvolen

    Name of the client

    Zvolenska Teplarenska a.s., Zvolen

    Short description

    Provision of enginnering and supervision activities within the frame of FIDIC White Book (FWB) Conditions for the Client´s project aimed to replace existing coal fired DH plant ceased to meet emission limits with wood biomass and will contain and new complete plant including DH plant rehab works, supply and installation of biomass and NG fired boilers.

    Services provided by company

    The company's experts are responsible for the performance of activities defined by FWB included but not limited to

    • Contractor´s Design review for its compliance with Tender documentation prepared in previous stages of the Project
    • Coordination and supervision of the on site activities
    • Supervision of planning and execution of Contractor´s performance
    • Reporting to the Client and relevant financing institutions
    • Monitoring of daily progress on and off site
    • Support to the Client for permitting process in various project stages
    • Other activities resulted from project development within the Engineer role as defined by the Contract

    Technical data


  • Country, location within country

    Slovak republic, Zvolen

    Date beginning/completion

    5.2020 - ongoing


    Type of service

    Staff involved in the project