Technical and design consulting in all stages of the project lifetime is one of the main activities of our company. Active participation in international design teams, in teams of small and large projects encourages clients to obtain added value from consulting and support activities.

  • 1. Technical consulting

    • Description of current condition of equipment
    • Evaluation of operational power outputs/modes
    • Evaluation of maintenance mode
    • Analysis of residual lifetime
    • Evaluation of costs for maintenance
    • Analysis of current /proposed O&M of contracts from technical point of view

    2. Due diligence

    • Description of locality and equipment placed in it
    • Operational data and power output of the equipment
    • O & M habits
    • Life expectancy of the systems and elements
    • Evaluation of contracts, permissions and licences
    • SWOT analysis
  • 3. Preparation and evaluation of feasibility studies

    • Collecting of data / Sources of information
    • Identification and selection of proposed place for installation
    • Construction parameters and evaluation of available alternatives
    • Reasoning and description of proposed alternatives
    • Technical and economic views
    • Economic and financial evaluation
    • Staff, planning of unit operation

4. Owner´s Engineering

As owner’s engineer, e.mcc energy supports the client from the time of initial negotiations on all contracts and activities (project management, supervision of construction and putting into operation, monitoring of take-over tests) up to financial conclusion of the project. After construction completion, e.mcc provides the Client with technical support during running guarantee period.

Via technical experience and professional knowledge of the e.mcc company staff, the Client can expect to reach his goal: to decrease total costs and time of project implementation without compromising the quality and high efficiency in all stages of the project, the success of which shall be assessed based on the results.