• Assignment name

    Elaboration of the Blow-out equipment Design for Mondi Štětí a.s., Czech republic

    Name of the client

    Mondi Štětí

    Short description

    Elaboration and consequent provision of design activities followed by supervisory during the erection: A. Concept design of the blow-out procedures and parameters B. Detail design of blow-out C. Supervision services

    Services provided by company

    A. Concept design of the blow-out

    • The evaluation of the available steam sources for individual phases of the blow-out execution and recommendation for the optimal blow-out variant with respect to the need of maintaining the steam delivery for the existing technology in Mondi Štětí.
    • Proposal of the steam parameters for blow-out execution in accordance with VGB 513 for each variant.
    • Recommendation for the delivery of new steam lines which cannot be cleaned by blow-out.
    • Layout of the provisional steam lines and their accessories for all blow-out phases
    • Detail specification of provisional equipment with long term delivery time

    B. Detail design of the blow-out

    • Elaboration of the Detail design documentation of provisional / temporary equipment (pipelines, supports, valves, etc.) for the blow-out
    • Documentation of the provisional pipelines
    • Documentation of the provisional steel structures
    • Documentation of the temporary foundation for the provisional steel structures
    • Documentation authorization by NoBo.
    • Elaboration of the Technical description (Technical report) of the blow-out

    C. Author supervision during blow-out execution

    • Author´s (designer´s) supervision during the provisional equipment assembly
    • Author´s (designer´s) supervision during blow-out execution and its evaluation

    Technical data


  • Country, location within country

    Czech republic, Štětí

    Date beginning/completion

    12.2017 - ongoing



    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    ADAM Dominik

    HAVRAN Peter

    MAJZLIK Vladimir

    MALIK Drahomir