• Assignment name

    Technical Due Diligence of 2 x 145 MW PP with CFB boilers

    Name of the client

    Škoda Praha, a.s., Czech republic

    Short description

    Technical assessment of the CFB boilers with regards to design and operation

    Services provided by company

    Description of the plant status as of September 2017

    • Identification of operational technical problems
    • Assessment of operation until the plant shut down
    • Boiler concept and its auxiliary design assessment
    • Recommendation for future measures for the Plant revitalization

    Technical data

    Power plant 2 x 145 MW with 2 x 440 t/h CFB boilers fired by local lignite

  • Country, location within country

    Turkey, Ankara Province

    Date beginning/completion

    7.2017 - 10.2017


    CFB boiler

    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    KOTRUS Marian

    MAJZLIK Vladimir

    REDLI Karol