• Assignment name

    Tender documentation preparation for WtE plant Line no. 1 retrofit Owner´s engineering activity

    Name of the client

    WtE plant, Kosit a.s. Košice, Slovakia

    Short description

    Preparation of the technical part of tender documentation for retrofit of K1 line of the WtE plant

    Services provided by company

    • Analysis of the existing equipment of the Line No. 1 with regards to the residual lifetime of the critical components (pressure parts of the incinerator, tanks, pumps)
    • Preparation of technical specs for incinerator retrofit including refractory
    • Elaboration and technical analysis of the line extension – steam turbine with accessories (condenser, piping, DH heat exchanger station)
    • Proposal for I&C and DCS retrofit
    • Elaboration of tender docs
    • Support to the Client with bidding process – call for bids, evaluation of bids, support in selection of the bidder

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Košice

    Date beginning/completion

    10.2016 - 3.2017



    Type of service

    TA OE

    Staff involved in the project

    ADAM Dominik

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    VALACH Branislav