• Assignment name

    4 x 150 MW CFB based Power Plant, Morupule, Botswana

    Name of the client

    Botswana Power Corporation

    Short description

    Evaluation of Gap Analysis elaborated by O&M company STEAG (SES)

    Services provided by company

    • Review the Gap Analysis Report and recommendations for BPC approval (or otherwise) of each measure pro-posed by SES including review of costs and timelines for implementation.
    • Assistance to the BPC in discussions and negotiations on the Gap Analysis Report with SES with a view to have a common ground on the necessary measures to be implemented as a basis for agreeing performance guarantees for Phase 2 (36 months Operational Period).
    • Starting on March 2016 site supervision of execution progress of rehabilitation processes related to the outcomes from Gap Analysis Report performed in 2015

    Technical data

    4 x 150 MW CFB

  • Country, location within country

    Botswana, Morupule

    Date beginning/completion

    4.2015 - 3.2017



    Type of service

    TA OE

    Staff involved in the project

    KOTRUS Marian