• Assignment name

    Analysis of the situation on Bocamina II – Chile (coal fired power plant)

    Name of the client

    SES Tlmače, a.s.

    Short description

    The situation between the Consortium partners on the Bocamina II (coal fired power plant situated in Chile) became acute, during the erection and commissioning phase of the project, after signing of the Addendum 7.

    Services provided by company

    Technical data

    Analysis of the situation on the basis of the official correspondence, development of Project time schedule, Monthly progress reports, etc. Identification of the responsibilities among the Consortium partners for the accumulated delay of the Project.

  • Country, location within country

    Chile, Bocamina

    Date beginning/completion

    1.2013 - 4.2013


    Coal Fired power Plant

    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    KOTRUS Marian

    VALACH Branislav