• Assignment name

    Feasibility study: Application of ecological measures on existing sources in Martinská Teplárenská, a.s., Slovakia

    Name of the client

    Martinská Teplárenská, a.s.

    Short description

    The existing Power and Heating Plant will not be able to satisfy the emission limits valid after 1.1.2016. The purpose of the FS was to analyse the proposed Alternative solutions, based on the installation of equipment decreasing the produced emissions from the existing boilers or building a new plant (CFB, CCGT or WI).

    Services provided by company

    Technical and commercial analysis of the present operation of the Plant, examination of the auxiliary technology and its suitability for future operation after the reconstruction, suggestion for improvements of the efficiency of the Plant and proposals for each of the required Alternative, including principled Layout drawing, schemes, media consumptions, risk analysis, etc. The results of the study were supported by economic analysis of each Alternative.

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Martin

    Date beginning/completion

    3.2012 - 8.2012


    CFB, CCGT or WI

    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    KOTRUS Marian

    VALACH Branislav