• Assignment name

    Morupule B - 4x150MWe

    Name of the client

    FICHTNER GmbH, BPC – Botswana Power Corporation

    Short description

    4x150MW Power Station with CFB Boiler – Morupule Botswana

    Services provided by company

    Technical Support to FICHTNER GmbH, BPC with FE commissioning expert during the finalisation of the erection and commissioning phases FE nominated Power Plant expert for the commissioning of Boiler part up to end of commissioning phase (optimally up to the takeover)

    Technical data

    4x150MW Power Station with CFB Boiler

  • Country, location within country

    Botswana, Morupule

    Date beginning/completion

    4.2012 - 4.2017


    CFB Boiler

    Type of service

    TA OE

    Staff involved in the project


    KOTRUS Marian

    KOTRUS Milan

    VALACH Branislav