• Assignment name

    VOTE KS 01 - Utilisation of waste heat at CS 01 (Natural Gas Compressor Station CS01) Veľké Kapušany, Slovakia Owners Engineering - execution of engineering activities for newCombined Heat and Power Plant

    Name of the client

    SPP a.s.(Slovak gas industry)

    Short description

    The purpose and objective of the project is the optimal use of energetic potential of waste gases of combustion turbines of three RR RB211 (27MW) and two GE PGT 25+DLE (31MW) for electricity generation. Due to volatility and expected future transmissions, the project expects to use heat from three (minimally two) combustion turbines. Two turbines will serve as a backup. The energy will be transmitted in a standard steam cycle to steam turbine, which will be driven by electric generator. The additional objective of the project is to use the energetic potential of waste gases of the gas combustion turbines of two new GE PGT 25+DLE (31MW) also for heating of compressor station after the year 2013, whereby there shall be substituted the heating of the compressor station from the obsolete heat exchangers and the gradually decommissioned 6 MW turbines GT – 750.

    Services provided by company

     Overall PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Management of overall planning of the Project (project realization schedule) - Costs management and control of Project Costs - Management of Project Quality - Procedures of EPC Contractor procurement - Manuals for operation and maintenance - Code list for RCM needs  Phase of Extended BASIC ENGINEERING - Analysis of existing situation, project objectives, Customer´s technical specification and existing technology interfaces - Elaboration of overall /general/ concept of the project - Documentation for building permit - Elaboration of Tender Documentation, including respective budget of the Construction, with detailed quantification of the price of the Construction, for selection of EPC Contractor - Elaboration of detailed Plan of Project realization - Elaboration of Contractor´s report on expected costs and effectiveness of the Project  Phase of EPC Contractor selection - Elaboration of documents for selection of EPC Contractor, including the proposal of commercial terms and conditions - Support to the Customer in the phase of the tender for EPC Contractor - Elaboration of Contractor´s standpoint to the bids submitted in the tender for EPC Contractor - Control of Project costs and effectiveness  Phase of DETAILED ENGINEERING - Management of elaboration of Execution Project Documentation. - Elaboration of Execution Project Documentation is the responsibility of EPC Contractor  Phase of MANUFACTURING, CONSTRUCTION and COMMISSIONING - Obtaining of all permits for starting the construction - Responsibility for compliance with HSE requirements (Health, safety and environment) - Management of Construction - Management of Commissioning - Management of Handover Tests - Management of takeover procedure  Phase of PROJECT completion - Commissioning - Completion of trial operation

    Technical data

    Waste gases of combustion turbines of three RR RB211 (27MW) and two GE PGT 25+DLE (31MW)

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Veľké Kapušany

    Date beginning/completion

    10.2010 - 12.2013



    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    ADAM Dominik

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    CENGER Martin

    KOTRUS Marian

    KUMA Jan

    MACAJ Branislav

    SABIK Peter

    VALACH Branislav

    VRABEL Jozef