• Assignment name

    Biogas - Nový Život

    Name of the client

    E.ON Slovakia / Západoslovenská Energetika a.s. Bratislava

    Short description

    Detailed Feasibility Study for new biogas plant in western Slovakia with 1,5 MWe power generation. Main substratum was maize silage with sugar-beet scraps.

    Services provided by company

    Detail Feasibility study investigating possible alternatives, technical and economic evaluation and final recommendation to the client. The project required mostly the following activities:

    • Evaluation of the technology and its suitability for the project
    • Logistics of the input and output commodities
    • Evaluation of the project to the environment
    • Elaboration of the project time schedule
    • Assumption of the project costs
    • Technical-Economic valuation of the project
    • Risk Analysis

    Technical data

    1,5 Mwe

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Eliášovce

    Date beginning/completion

    10.2010 - 1.2011


    Biogas plant

    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    MALIK Drahomir