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Since its establishment, the company e.mcc energy s.r.o. (originally Fichtner Energy s.r.o.) has been active in the field of consulting and engineering activities not only in Slovakia but also in close or more distant abroad. The professions, work experience and personal abilities of the members of our team have been appreciated and respected by clients in the areas of power engineering, thermal power industry, waste recovery and renewable resources. We are open to challenges and we are ready to continue in providing high quality services.

Currently implemented projects

  • Various studies – optimisation of the DH station

  • Zvolenska Teplarenska a.s., Zvolen

  • Bukoza Vranov nad Topľou


Various studies – optimisation of the DH station

Scope of services: Provision of two studies related to the sourcing optimisation due to aged equipment and inappropriate mixture of fuels (coal, HFO, biomass, NG).

Company´s experts are responsible for performance and coordination of the following scope of services

Study A.

  • Development of the new DH plant concept based on set of Gas engines reflecting the heating curve analyzed in initial phase

Study B.

  • Assessment of the boiler reconstruction (coal fired) – by NG burners replacement
  • Thermal calculation of the combustion chamber
  • New burners characteristics approval

Construction supervision, role of FIDIC engineer for the Project in Zvolenska Teplarenska a.s., Zvolen

Scope of services: Provision of enginnering and supervision activities within the frame of FIDIC White Book (FWB) Conditions for the Client´s project aimed to replace existing coal fired DH plant ceased to meet emission limits with wood biomass and will contain and new complete plant including DH plant rehab works, supply and installation of biomass and NG fired boilers.

The company's experts are responsible for the performance of activities defined by FWB included but not limited to:

  • Contractor´s Design review for its compliance with Tender documentation prepared in previous stages of the Project
  • Coordination and supervision of the on site activities
  • Supervision of planning and execution of Contractor´s performance
  • Reporting to the Client and relevant financing institutions
  • Monitoring of daily progress on and off site
  • Support to the Client for permitting process in various project stages
  • Other activities resulted from project development within the Engineer role as defined by the Contract

Bukoza Vranov nad Toplou

Elaboration of implementation Detail Design documentation for construction: “Recycling of waste paper for the purpose of paper production / testliner / - Bukoza Vranov nad Toplou

Scope of services: Provision and coordination of engineering activities leading to the elaboration of construction documentation, technology, SKR and electrical parts for the project of construction of a paper machine in the area of Bukoza a.s.

The company's experts are responsible for the performance of activities in the processing of the following stages of documentation:

  • Design documentation for building permit - change of construction before completion
  • Detail design
  • As built documentation option
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