• Assignment name

    Due Diligence of Biogas Station in Rimavska Sobota region, Slovakia

    Name of the client

    UniCredit Bank, Slovakia

    Short description

    Evaluation of existing BGS in operation, identification of problems (design, execution, process related) and proposal of measures for elimination of operational deficiencies

    Services provided by company

    Report elaboration for the Bank based on

    • Theoretical assessment, conversion capacities and services needed for the operation of the output from power on the basis of volumes and raw materials
    • a physical inspection station attended by operator
    • Determination of technical equipment BPS, while the state of fitness of a given technology
    • the condition of the construction part
    • preparation and dosing of raw materials (verification intakes, transport routes, defining the weakest node)
    • the state and the system operated fermenters and storage tanks
    • the generated gas management (fuses, revisions, burner, visual status membrane)
    • the state and assessment of the gas engine (regularity servicing and extent of service activity)
    • a meeting with biomass suppliers
    • assessment of the condition of the feed preparation and storage quality and amount of feedstock for sustainability during operation
    • the collection of available data (sampling biomass, process data from the control system, etc.)

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Rimavska Sobota

    Date beginning/completion

    3.2015 - 5.2015



    Type of service


    Staff involved in the project

    KOTRUS Marian