• Assignment name

    Colbun 370 MWe Coal Fired power Plant - Identification of the causes of project delay

    Name of the client

    SES Tlmače, a.s

    Short description

    Delivery of new 370 MWe pulverized Coal fired power plant in consortium SES a.s.Slovakia/ Tecnimont Group Italy

    Services provided by company

    Technical Advising/ Due Diligence – Project evaluation from the early beginning up to actual date Defining of the weak/strong points for possible arbitrage with the client Colbun SA in Intenational Court due to the project delay

    Technical data

    370 MWe pulverized Coal

  • Country, location within country

    Chile, Colbun

    Date beginning/completion

    10.2011 - 11.2011


    Coal Fired power Plant

    Type of service

    TA DD

    Staff involved in the project

    KOTRUS Milan

    REDLI Karol