• Assignment name

    DALKIA – Reconstruction of Coal Fired Boiler K5 to Biomass Fired, Dalkia ZSNP, Žiar nad Hronom, Slovakia Owners Engineering - execution of engineering activities for Boiler Reconstruction

    Name of the client

    DALKIA a.s., Bratislava

    Short description

    Services provided by company

     Overall PROJECT SUPERVISING - Supervising of overall planning of the Project (project realization schedule) - Costs management and control of Project Costs - Management of Project Quality - Procedures of LOT Suppliers procurement - Manuals for operation and maintenance - Code list for RCM needs  Phase of LOT Suppliers selection - Elaboration of Tender Documentation for LOT suppliers - Elaboration of respective budget of the Construction, with detailed quantification of the price of the Construction, for selection of LOT Suppliers - Elaboration of detailed Plan of Project realization - Elaboration of Contractor´s report on expected costs and effectiveness of the Project - Assistance to client by elaboration of commercial terms and conditions - Support to the Customer in the phase of the selection of LOT Suppliers - Elaboration of Contractor´s standpoint to the bids submitted in the tender for LOT Suppliers - Control of Project costs and effectiveness  Phase of DETAILED ENGINEERING - Control, review and approval of Detail Engineering prepared by the LOT Suppliers  Phase of MANUFACTURING, CONSTRUCTION and COMMISSIONING - Supervising for compliance with HSE requirements (Health, safety and environment) - Supervising activities during the Construction - Supervising activities during the Commissioning - Supervising activities during the Handover Tests - Supervising activities during the takeover procedure  Phase of PROJECT completion - Supervising activities after Commissioning up to the take Over - Supervising activities during the Completion of trial operation

  • Country, location within country

    Slovakia, Žiar nad Hronom

    Date beginning/completion

    9.2011 - 9.2013


    Coal Fired Boiler to Biomass Fired

    Type of service

    TA OE

    Staff involved in the project

    ARENDAS Vladimir

    KOTRUS Milan

    MAJZLIK Vladimir

    SOJCAK Dusan